Curriculum Design

Curriculum design


My experience speaks for itself:

  • 9 years as a brick-and-mortar high school Spanish and French teacher of French 1 through AP, Spanish 1 through 3, and Spanish for Spanish Speakers
  • 1 year as a virtual French 1 and 2 teacher
  • 2.5 years as a Project Manager for an educational resource company, creating products in Spanish, French, and German
  • Have presented multiple sessions at 4 different state-wide conferences for world language teachers

Types of curriculum services include:

  • English as a Second Language modifications for worksheets and assessments for any subject area
  • Activity-based books or worksheets, all aligned with ACTFL World Readiness Standards or a state-aligned standard
  • Yearly layout reflecting what should be taught by what time for a Spanish and French classroom
  • Assistance with new teachers
  • Modification of Spanish material to make it more challenging for native speakers
  • Analysis of textbook and reader adoption
  • Workshops on incorporating Comprehensible Input and culture into the Spanish and French classroom at the school, district, or state association level

Types of products for writing:

  • Readers in Spanish or French, including total and unique word counts
  • Textbooks or activity packets, aligned to your chosen standards
  • Packets with a variety of listening activities for an authentic resource
  • Tests to reflect content taught in Spanish and French


Images of my collection of written works: