So, you’ve been asked to interpret at a parent/teacher conference?

So, you’ve been asked to interpret at a parent/teacher conference?

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Has your administration heard that you took a World Language in high school? How about that semester you studied abroad in Spain? Are you the token Spanish teacher? Let me guess, they want you to interpret either in person or on the phone with parents. I have been there!

Do not fret! Here are some ways to prepare yourself in the short term. If the student is yours, with as much as time as you are given:

  1. Look up their grades in the online grade system (if you have access) and find out their grade, the number of missing assignments, the overall average of homework/quizzes/tests.
  2. Think of what they can do to raise their grade in the time given (if at all) and what they can do for extra help.
  3. Write all that out.
  4. Translate it into Spanish. I recommend having a native Spanish Speaker do this, but if that is not possible, see below.
  5. Read aloud the writing and point to it as you go.

Whew! If that sounded like a lot, I have created a fillable form in Word that you can download here and fill out. I created it in a sandwich approach, where you state:

  • in the beginning: something positive that you have noticed about their behavior
  • in the middle: how they are currently doing in class
  • in the end: recommendations on what the student can do to improve and your availability.

This was an approach taught to me by an administrator when giving back homework in a virtual school environment, and I find students and parents always respond positively. You can find it here, in my Dropbox.

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