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As a world language teacher, I have often heard colleagues who taught other subjects say:

“It is difficult to communicate with their students’ parents who didn’t speak English.”

“I have students who struggle in English, and I have to modify worksheets and create visual parts for activities; however, I often rely on a bilingual student, trusting that they would faithfully render the message in that student’s language.”

“I struggle to modify the content, even with an English as a Second Language endorsement.”


I have taught Spanish and French in public schools for over ten years. Equally, I have taught ESL students one-on-one. I believe one should maintain speaking in the target language, through comprehensible input. That said, providing material for ESL students may be difficult for some teachers, or may take more time than they have.


I would like to help students, teachers, and schools reach their fullest potential. When your students have all the tools necessary to achieve, they can overcome all things. When parents are well-informed, they are more likely to know how to encourage their students at home. When teachers can provide equal assistance to all students, scores will soar. When schools have open communication with their parents, no matter the language, school grades will improve.

Let me help you achieve great results.

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Spanish, French, and English as a Second Language Lessons

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